About My Lessons

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Darren and I have been teaching full time since I graduated from my picWheaton College in 2000 with a Bachelor's in music. I studied classical guitar while at Wheaton but I have always been interested in a wide variety of styles. In 2003 I won 2nd place in the instrumental competition in the annual Music in The Rockies (now called Immerse). While in school I also earned 2nd in the school's annual talent show. Although I mostly write acoustic material, I also really enjoy playing a wide spectrum of rock guitar.

I've performed in the "Guitars Gone Wild" showcase with the OK Mozart Festival, in the Monthly Musicale at the Tulsa Jazz Hall of Fame, and many times with the Tulsa Guitar Society (no longer together).

Guitar Lessons

What I teach you completely depends on why your taking lessons and what you want to learn. No one Pic of Jumping Guitaristanswers these two questions quite the same, so my method for teaching everyone isn't the same either. If you're simply learning for fun, I start you off with the basics of strumming and chords and basic lead playing. If you are more serious about making a living in music or becoming a music major, then I also add in note reading and more in-depth theory. Simply put, let me know what you want to accomplish and I'll help you achieve it. It's important that lessons are fun, informative, and challenging.

Often students ask what kind of styles I can teach or what I like to play. I offer a wide variety of styles, ranging from modern rock to classical and include Praise and Worship. Though I understand the fundamentals of country, jazz, and bluegrass and can teach those, I don't delve very deep into those styles. For those interested specifically in those styles I'd recommend finding a teacher who does focus specifically on your interests. If you're interested in learning something specific, just ask me if it's something we can work on.

For guitar, I start as early as 6 years old and teach adults as well.

Piano Lessons

I also offer piano lessons for the beginner to intermediate student. There are a variety of ways to approach the piano. You can learn the traditional route, which focuses mainly on note reading and classical Girl curious of pianomusic. There's also the chord approach, which you'd hear in most pop/rock music on the radio, where you learn chords and rythm and how to combine that with a melody. Lastly, the piano can used with software to be able to write a wide variety of music including score writing (like movies, TV, and advertisements) or electronic/dance music.The method I use depends on the goals, needs and age of each student. In time each student will at least be exposed to all three styles. I start elementary students in the classical approach and as their music tastes develop then add the other styles as appropriate.

For the piano, students can start as young as four or five, depending on the child. Of course, adults who want to learn are also always welcome too!

Music Theory

To be a well rounded musician, it is important to understand what you are playing besides just being able to music theory bookplay it. I teach introductory to college level theory. The lessons can be specifically for guitar, piano or independent of any instrument. You will focus on scales, progressions and harmony, rhythm, form, and developing your ear.

Learning theory is ideal for those who want to improve their writing skills or for high school students wanting to study music in college.

Music Technology

Technology has greatly changed the way musicians learn, write, and even think about music. There are a multide of programs available for students of both the guitar and piano to help them learn. There are programs recording gearthat allow a student to slow a song down to a tempo they can manage - while playing along with their favorite artist. There are programs to help students develop their musical ear and to read music quicker. Then there's a whole host of programs for writing and composing music, with all the sounds you'd need right there inside your computer. I rely on many of these programs routinely in my lessons and teach students how to make the best of them.